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Veteran Issues

Our staff has worked with veterans of most 20th and 21st century wars.  This includes veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada and Central America, Desert Storm, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We provide treatment for PTSD, readjustment issues, such as reintegrating into civilian life, reestablishing marriages and family relations, and bringing under control anger, drug abuse, anxiety issues.  Although our treatment is through psychological counseling, we coordinate our efforts with the area VAMC's, especially when medication and medical treatment is needed.  

We strive to provide services in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment so that veterans may begin to heal any psychological wounds experienced during their service and to develop tools to assist in coping with the related side effects.

Over the years, our primary referral source has been word of mouth from veterans who have come through our clinic, although County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO's), mental health and medical professionals, lawyers and other professional organizations have also been referral sources. In addition to the theraputic services provided to veterans and family members, our staff is well known in and outside Minnesota for providing psychological examinations in support of veteran service connection claims for mental health issues. Dr. Komaridis has served as expert witness in numerous court cases where veteran readjustment issues such as PTSD should be taken into consideration in the adjudication of their criminal charges.  

Counseling Services

We offer individual and group counseling. In addition, we can provide family/spouse education and support. A variety of psychological treatment approaches are generally applied as components of treatment, and treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual veteran.


 We also offer evaluation services to veterans who may be seeking to determing to what extent, if any, their military service may have affected any current difficulties or readjustment concerns. This assessment process involves a diagnostic interview with one of our counselors, and incorporates psychological testing as well. Although assessments are a standart starting point with all veterans coming into our program, a sole evaluation for the purposes of diagnosis only is generally not covered by any of the veteran's programs with which we work, nor are they covered through private insurance companies.

Veteran issues may include: