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PTSD is a very complicated, and often misunderstood, psychological condition, because it usually has symptoms found in other psychological conditions, and is sometimes misdiagnosed, and often mistreated.  It always results from traumatic conditions in which the victim expects to die, but does not, or survives a traumatic situation in which others die.  Regardless of the traumatic event, the victim experiences an increase in fearfulness, usually with disturbed sleep and probable nightmares, an increased tendency to avoid situations, particularly the place where the trauma occured, or similar places, or other reminders, or people involved. There is also a tendency to become more uncomfortable with, or avoid, people and crowds, and most survivors of tragic events, where others are killed or hurt, develop "survivor guilt", which can have a paralizing or self destructive effect on them.  

Our clinic has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD in survivors of accidents, natural catastrophies, physical or sexual assaults, and wars, whether the traumas occured once or multiple times.Our psychological staff use the best developed and most effective theraputic methods to reduce the effects of PTSD, and to restore the client to a fuller, more functional life.  Our theraputic methods include desensitization and prolonged exposure therapies, cognitive processing therapy, and when indicated, EMDR.