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Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are disturbances of a person's emotional condition that cause him or her to be disrupted from being able to conduct life effectively. The primary emotions resulting in mood disturbance are depression, with loss of energy and motivation and with a general state of lethargy, or mania, with excessive and uncontrolled energy that is occasionally accompanied by impulsive actions and poor judgment. In either case, such mood disturbances are viewed as being at the extremes of human emotions. Typically, people who have such disorders are diagnosed with Depression or Bipolar Disorder. Often, hyperenergetic individuals who have difficulty focusing and controlling their energies receive either ADD or ADHD diagnoses. With mood disorders, the use of antidepressants or mood stabilizers is helpful, however, in many cases psychotherapy can help the individual find and change faulty thinking patterns that may bring some relief to the causes of these disorders.