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Marital/Couples Adjustment Problems

All relationships inevitably encounter adjustment issues because they are the union of two individuals who desire to live as a couple. Because of our individual differences, the only way two unique individuals can come to live harmoniously is to identify and then make adjustments for every difference in style, attitude, needs, actions or reactions between them.

Quite frequently, individuals enter a relationship with hopes that it would fulfill their lifelong fantasies of having the perfect partner as they have come to define him or her in their minds, only to find that the person to whom they were attracted and become committed falls short of their expectations. Most of us do not realize that we bring our unfulfilled needs and some of our own shortcomings to our relationships, and that these conditions can become the sources of our marital and couples problems.

Our clinic as professional staff who have training and expertise in helping couples identify and find solutions to the problems they encounter in their relationships. This may mean identifying the differences between the two people that create the adjustment difficulties and then finding solutions by which those differences can be honored and incorporated into better ways of living together. It may also mean helping each individual in the relationship to identify their own unique needs or traits that may be getting in the way of a harmonious relationship and resolving those traits.