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ASC Mental Health Services

Our Mission

From the start, the ASC Psychological Clinic's mission has been to provide the best possible mental health services to all our clients in their quest to improve the quality of their lives, regardless of the problems from which they suffer, their status in society, their cultural background, ethnicity, religion or sex, or their sexual orientation. Everyone who seeks our services is treated as an equal human being and given the same amount of respect and treatment as our staff would want to receive from them and others. Because of this commitment, we try to not turn away anyone and we have frequently tailored our charges to clients to fit their ability to pay.

Our Staff

Every one of the ASC Mental Health Services staff has been trained in the psychsocial approaches to understanding and treating human problems and, therefore, each staff member values the power of interpersonal therapeutic methods of helping individuals to heal their psychological problems and difficulties. While we accept the value of treatment with medication, we are aware of the shortcomings of medication treatment alone and we only endorse this treatment when it is clearly necessary in the overall therapy for any individual.

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